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Asset Searches

Asset-Searches.com utilizes only licensed Private Investigators and licensed Private Detectives who specialize in the location and recovery of personal and company assets all across the country. No matter where you reside within the United States, you can count on the licensed private investigators and licensed Private Detectives who work with Asset-Searches.com to get the job done right. Our highly trained asset search specialists know what they do and how they do it directly affects your future decisions. The asset search investigations can include:

Through a network of licensed private investigators and private detectives, Asset-searches.com can perform a thorough asset check on individuals and businesses throughout the United States. With hundreds of years of asset search experience, our network of private investigators and private detectives will provide you with the crucial information you need to make an educated decision.

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Asset Searches: When you hire an Asset Search Company, Knowledge is Power!

Finding out exactly what property and other assets a person has can be a very challenging task, especially when you consider the fact that most people simply do not want to reveal that type of information. Some people will even go to great lengths to try to keep this information hidden. A skilled private investigator or private detective who specializes in Asset Searches is able to search for – and find- all of that information that an opposing party may have tried so hard to keep “under the radar.” Highly trained investigators who have dedicated their entire careers will search high and low, leaving absolutely no stone unturned until you have learned about every asset that the person in question has. Secret bank accounts, offshore accounts, real estate property, vehicles, boats, aircraft, intellectual properties, stock holdings, bonds, and even unclaimed property…all of these will be found and reported to you by the private investigator. If hidden assets are out there, they will be found.

The circumstances that call for an asset search are often just as unique as the person or business that initiates the search. Perhaps you have won a civil judgment and there is money due to you, but you have been unable to collect thus far. This judgment recovery will be made far easier once you are able to prove that the money or assets due to you actually do exist.

Maybe you are involved in a family court matter such as a divorce or a child custody hearing where the amount of income and assets that the other party actually has is directly relevant to the amount of support or settlement that you end up receiving. Finding bank accounts in situations like this is extremely common: In many cases, there may be an account or even multiple bank accounts that one party involved in a divorce is trying to hide. This, however, is considered marital property in most cases and must be considered in the equitable division of the marital assets. Finding those hidden assets can make all the difference in your ongoing support and settlement amounts.

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If you are a business owner who has been cheated by an unscrupulous person or company, you may want to get all available financial asset information on the party who has wronged you. This type of information is invaluable when you take legal action to recover the money or assets due to you, because it is proof positive that there is the ability to repay you once you have obtained a judgment.

If you are a former employee who is owed money and the business owner has continually avoided paying you the money to which you are entitled, it is often very beneficial to hire a private detective to conduct an asset search. This gives you the chance to find out where the money is, and gives you the evidence you need to take legal action to get that money.

Asset Searches are not just limited to personal or business relationships that have gone wrong, however: This type of information can be vitally important in the establishment of new personal or business relationships. Perhaps you have met the person who you feel is your perfect match and you plan to marry them – and hopefully live that “happily ever after” dream. The best way to achieve that happily ever after is to have peace of mind going into the marriage, or even going into any serious relationship. If you were to find out that your partner has bankruptcy filings, liens and judgments on property, or has a significant amount of secret assets that you know nothing about, it can certainly change the way you think about the relationship. After all, when you enter a serious relationship such as a marriage, your finances are often merged – and you don’t want your partner’s serious financial problems to reflect on you and destroy the life you have worked so hard to build. Furthermore, if your partner has been so dishonest that there are problems you never were told about, it will certainly give you reason for pause.

If you are starting a new business, Asset Searches can be a valuable tool in learning about who you can trust to help you achieve your business goals. With a new business startup, you will necessarily have to establish financial relationships with a number of individuals, companies, and suppliers in most cases — So it is vital to know you are dealing with people who are on the “up and up.” Asset Searches can help make sure that your new business partners really have what they claim to, and that your suppliers have the assets and the clean financial history to really make good on their word. When you are putting your entire future on the line with your new business, it is imperative that you make sure that the people who you work with are working for you, and not against you financially.

An asset search actually provides a great deal more than simple facts and figures (although you will certainly receive those, down to the penny) – You will get peace of mind because you will know rather than having to speculate. Knowledge is power, and the private investigators at Asset-Searches.com are highly trained experts in obtaining that knowledge for you, and giving you the power you need.

Asset Search Fee: Call (877) 4-WE-FIND (877-493-3463) to be connected directly to a licensed private investigator or licensed private detective who specializes in asset searches or email for a free quote. To be connected with a licensed private investigator, please complete the online quote form provided. You will receive an immediate response.